About Us

Our all terrain 4x4
We are a small group of likeminded individuals based in Leicestershire who share a passion for shooting, with a bias towards providing a FREE pest control service to any individual or organisation requiring such.

Between us we are able to cover almost any shooting situation and have a range of rifles, shotguns and other euipment at our disposal, some of which may be seen in our equipment section.

These range from air rifles, in .177 and .22 calibre, where shooting distances, geographical or physical restrictions limit the type of rifle to be used, up to Fire Arms Certificated air weapons.

We also hold fire arms certification for .17HMR, .22LR rimfire, and .22 and .243 centre fire rifles and shotguns.

We have Deer Managamnet qulafiled members as well with large game meat handling,

We are able to carry out shooting operations during either day or night should the situation, or clients requirements dictate. Our aim is to be a discreet an unobtrusive as possible, minimising disturbance to any person or the activities of the site and its neighbours.

As well as Shooting, we are also able to offer long netting and ferreting as an alternative method of control.

What do we shoot

Common uk rabbit

We are able shoot all Species designated as Legal quarry or pests as designated by current legislation, although our primary quarry is Rabbits, we will also shoot Rats, Grey Squirrels and Pest bird species such as Feral and Wood Pigeons.

Even though we provide a free service we still take pride in providing you with an excellent service. Each person within the Rabbit Control 4 Free team has their own experiences and qualifications that may be drawn on to suit our clients needs. Covering sites in and around Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Northamptonshire and Using a combination of silenced air rifles, Rim Fire and Centre Fire Rifles & Shotgun, coupled with a wide range of day optics, lamps, range finders and night vision equipment we ensure that what ever your pest problem and location we are in the best position to resolve it.For more information as to how we could help you please the form below

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Three air rifles with night vision units