We thought it would be useful for you to see what equipment we use, so heres a quick overview,  giving you re assuarnce that it's of the highest standard and in the safest of hands.

Air Rifle

A Bolt Action, Magazine Fed, Non-Automatic Rifle fitted with a sound moderator.Powered by compressed air stored in a removable buddy bottle, the rifle is cocked via a bolt action and a self indexing 7, 12 or 17 shot rotary magazine.

The Rifle is suitable for Short to medium range situations where stealth is a key factor.In Sub 12 ft/lb it is suitable for use in and around buildings as well as out in the open.

If FAC (Firearms Rated above 12 ft/lb) it is limited to external use, but has the added benefit of slightly longer range and improved stopping power, particularly in the larger calibers such as 0.22” & 0.25”.

FAC Holders only

..22 lr Rim Fire Rilfe
A Small bore Rifle utilizing a double action self ejecting bolt mechanism firing a solid lead non ballistic or a Solid lead fully copper jacketed, ballistic projectile. Bullets are stored in a 10 or 5 round sprung loaded magazine fitted to the underside of the action which are loaded into the breach via the completion of the cocking action.

 Available to FAC holders only, it is suitable only for outdoor medium to long range situations where greater stopping power is required. Usage is limited to ground pests only.

.17hmr Rim Fire Rifle

The Rifle operates in an identical manner to the 0.22lr Rifle, but fires a Smaller Fully jacketed or ballistic tipped projectile.

The Rifle is suitable to medium to very long range (100m+) where stalking opportunities are difficult, thus allowing shots to be taken from further away which negates the risk of alerting the quarry to our presence.

Centre Fire Rifles

A selection of high powered Centre Fire rifles are available for Fox and Deer control. Available in both .223 and .243 with a selection of ammunition and  DSC 1 qualified marksman. 


A shotgun is a smooth bored firearm available in a selection of Guages and configurations including 12Guage & 410. Multi and Fixed Choke. Over & Under and Side by Side (SxS) barrel configurations. The gun is suitable for shotrange fround vermin control (Rough Shooting) as well as use in suitable areas for Pigeon shooting.  


All rifles used are equiped with high power scopes and optics, ensuring the marksman is accurate in both identifying their quarry and in placing the shot. The selection of optics is down to personal preference and a wide range is available.   

Night Vision

Yukon night vision optics and Infra Red Illuminators are available for use as both individual spotting scopes, and as a Rifle Scope add on. Typically used for shotrange airgun work, where there is a requirement for minimal disturbance, such as in built up areas.
We also have acces now to a Gen 3 NV unit as used in millitry oppeation with this we have a range of up to 400m