Health & Safety

Even though our service is free Health & Safety is important to us in safe guarding our sport. Before we start work on any site two visits are undertaken.

During the first visit we assess and discuss the problem and overview the site. From here we produce a unique document to the site covering all of the Health & Safety issues discussed and how best to approach the problem

Following on from the 1st visit we return to present our risk and method statements along with copies of all of our insurances and any other rules  that may be pertinent to the work. We ask at this point that a concent form is signed to validate our insurance, and we also familiarise ourself with your site.

An example of the document pack you can expect to see by be downloaded from the following link

Example Documentation

Each document pack is site specific


To ensure we remain compliant we work in strict accordance with current
Pest Control Legislation.

The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

The Pests Act 1954

The Ground Game Act 1880

The General Licenses as issued by Natural England (Formerly DEFRA)

Landowners Responsabilities

Landowners Responsabilities All landowners have a responsability towards the control of pests and diseases on their premises and land. Their are many pieces of legislation that relate to both this and the pest control industry. Below are some important legistlative acts that may effect you or your business;-

Agriculture Act 1947
Makes it the responsability of the landowner to control rabbits (England & Wales are a rabbit exclusion area).  

Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949
Makes it an offence to knowingly have an infestation and not take the appropriate action. 

Health & Safty at Work Act 1974
All premises must be kept free of health hazards, such as pest infestations 

Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995

The Food Safety Act 1990 requires food business to practice  a high standard of food safety in many different areas.         

Those ares specifically relating to pests are;- 
  • Chapter 1 - Permit good food hydiene Practices, inclusive of protection against cross contamination such as personal and pests.
  • Chapter 5 - Refuse stores must be designed and managed in such a way as to enable them to be clean and to protect against access by pests
  • Chapter 9 - Adequate procedures must be in place to ensure pests are controlled.
  • A requirement of 'Due Diligence;'

Disclaimer -  Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the legislation described on this site is current and relevent, the owners and administrators of this site can not be held responsable should this legislation change and for non compliance. It is the Landowners responsability to ensure compliance with all legal requirements specific to their country of residence.